If you have been charged with DUI, your judge may require that you wear a court ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet. The decision is up to the judge’s discretion, but most base their decision on your background and past record. If you have a clean record and have had no DUIs in the last five years, the judge may opt to place you on a bracelet.


SCRAM CAM court ordered alcohol monitoring bracelets are used as supervision devices for adult probation, as part of specialty courts, or as conditions of parole for early release of inmates. They are also used to monitor alcohol consumption by underage offenders, and can help the courts determine whether a defendant is abusing alcohol. They are also used to monitor and assess first-time and repeat drunk driving offenders, and for domestic violence offenders.

The bracelet is a discreet and automatic device that monitors insensible perspiration 24 hours a day. It is easy to conceal with clothing. The bracelet also allows it to distinguish between alcohol in the environment and alcohol consumed by the wearer. It has been used by more than 500,000 clients, and has been proven to help people achieve long-term sobriety when used in conjunction with counseling and alcohol-related programs.

The cost of SCRAM CAM depends on a number of factors, including the offender’s wage, the length of monitoring, and whether the SCRAM service provider in their area provides services. The initial installation fee for SCRAM CAM is generally between $50 and $100. The average daily monitoring fee in a given area is between $10 and $12 per day. The actual cost will vary based on the offender’s income, the length of the monitoring period, and whether there are other court-related costs.

Cost of wearing a SCRAM bracelet

Wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet can be a costly process. The device itself, as well as monthly monitoring services, can cost hundreds of dollars. Some courts will provide financial assistance, but this is not always guaranteed. The cost of wearing a monitoring bracelet should be considered before signing up for one.

The SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet measures the level of alcohol in perspiration every 30 minutes. This information is then sent to a monitoring company via a modem. The agency then notifies the proper authorities. The bracelet is made with anti-tamper features, including temperature sensors. It also contains infrared sensors that detect the presence of objects between the bracelet and the wearer’s skin. These sensors continuously conduct diagnostic tests to ensure that the device is on the right subject.

If you are convicted of a DUI, a judge can order you to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet as part of your sentence. This device is worn around your ankle and detects the amount of alcohol in your sweat. It can also be used as part of your probation. The bracelet is very small and barely noticeable.

Cost of reporting tampering attempts

Many people who are convicted of drunk driving and other alcohol-related offenses have to wear alcohol monitoring bracelets as a condition of their sentence. Courts have the power to order SCRAM bracelets immediately after arrest or as part of a person’s sentence, but the chief judge’s office does not provide any education or guidance to help judges apply the SCRAM to a specific case.

The SCRAM CAM bracelet’s system is designed to distinguish between alcohol consumed and alcohol present in the environment. While drinking does not necessarily result in a spike, exposure to alcohol-containing products will. Therefore, tampering attempts with an alcohol monitoring bracelet are a violation, and if caught, the device can result in court sanctions.

Since the alcohol monitoring device is sensitive to alcohol, many products with alcohol ingredients will tamper with its sensors. These products include alcohol-containing beverages, hairspray, colognes, and even some lotions. In addition, a court order alcohol monitoring bracelet costs a minimum of $100 for installation. After the installation, monitoring will cost approximately $10 to $15 per day. The cost for a 90-day monitoring period will cost around $1,350.

Cost of wearing a SCRAM bracelet for repeat DUI offenders

A repeat DUI offender may be ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet, which is connected to a monitoring center. The cost of the bracelet can be hundreds of dollars per month. The device is required as a condition of probation, parole, or an early release arrangement. The cost of the bracelet is borne by the offender, although the court can subsidize the cost of the bracelet if the offender is indigent. The bracelet must be worn 24 hours per day, and the monitoring fee is around $10 to $12 per day. If the person fails to wear the bracelet, it can be a violation of their probation.

Costs vary based on provider. Some provide SCRAM bracelets statewide, while others are only available in certain jurisdictions. Some SCRAM systems have preferred partners, which can offer lower costs for the bracelet and monthly monitoring fees.